Leak Detection

Our leak detection teams at Sherborne Utilities LTD have an outstanding 100% success rate. We can find & fix most leaks on the same day. We use a mixture of pipe tracing and listening equipment, systematic testing, and visual observation. This allows our teams to find leaks above and below ground quickly and accurately with minimal disruption.

Once a leak is identified our teams carry a selection of parts to repair and restore your water supply. If we cannot make a permanent fix on the day, we will make a temporary repair so you can still use your supply and return with the correct equipment & parts at the next convenient time.

If the leak is in an inaccessible or buried area, our teams carry all the equipment needed to expose it. We will always make a full restoration of any ground or building work disturbed to reach the pipe or asset needed. Our leak detection equipment can be used in domestic, industrial, and commercial environments with ease.

We can detect leaks in and repair:

  • Industrial process systems
  • Underground water mains and service pipes
  • Above ground water pipes
  • Domestic (service or communication) water supply pipes