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We have a great amount of experience dealing with water and sewage systems for houses and residential properties and the treatment plants that support them.

Sherborne Utilities have been recognised as a suitably qualified contractor by Wessex Water, Kier Construction, and Sovereign Housing. Our repair and maintenance operatives are trained to the same standards as those of Wessex Water. Our vans are outfitted to the same standard as their vehicles and our staff are regularly subcontracted by water providers.

All of this means that our engineers come pre-verified and pre-approved for pipe installation, maintenance, and repair on your property. You can have confidence that we’ll able to get your water and sewage up and running quickly and without hassle.

For larger residential projects and new builds, we can also design and install water distribution systems, sewage treatment plants, private water supplies, and water treatment plants. Ask us for more information.


Sherborne Utilities have been working with schools, colleges and universities on water and sewage systems since 2003.

Water distribution is relatively easy for us to handle in an educational setting. We can offer your organisation a comprehensive range of services when it comes to installation, repair, and monitoring. We’ll keep your systems working well through the year, not just term time.

Sherborne can also quickly isolate any faulty systems and repair them, allowing you to keep your school running while any maintenance needed is ongoing. We’ll trace and repair leaks on the same day, saving you time, disruption, and money. Our engineers will have the parts and advice you need.

We can also give you tips on the best ways to optimise and reduce your water consumption for your system, potentially saving you money. Our servicing, cleaning, and maintenance services can vastly reduce your risk of system failure at peak times. Ask us for an assessment today.

All of our staff are DBS Checked


Located at the heart of the West Country, Sherborne Utilities is completely surrounded by holiday parks, hotels, resorts, heritage and tourist attractions, and other leisure facilities. We’ve provided plumbing, repairs, and advice to many.

We have managed the installation of entire water networks for holiday parks, sewage pumping mains, treatment plants at leisure parks, and water booster pumps at a number of hotels.

We can offer our strategic advice on water management and cost reduction. We can also provide reactive repairs to urgent problems. Our engineers are used to working safely on busy sites. They will plan their works to minimise any disruption.

Sherborne is open all year around. We can help you to plan larger capital projects for installation during your quiet season or shut downs. Please get in touch with our design engineer if you have an idea and need help to develop a full plan.


Sherborne Utilities are a Self Lay Organisation (SLO). We are experts in the installation of large water and sewage systems. This means that we can install water mains to the exact standards required for local authority adoption. It’s this distinct skill that allows for us to work on larger civil and private projects.

Our close attention to detail in keeping to specification means that we can reduce the risks to you. Sherborne will make sure that your water mains and service pipes are installed correctly the first time, with no added problems or charges.

We can handle the installation, pressure testing, and chlorination of pipes up to 600mm in diameter. We work with a vast range of pipes, made from many different materials. Sherborne Utilities can also install sewage pumping mains, rising mains, pumping stations, and water treatment plants if need be. We already have experience working with a number of Blue Chip clients in the South West of England. Sherborne is also a qualified member of WIAPS, ensuring that our plumbing meets nationally recognised standards of excellence.

We’ll also handle the paperwork. Sherborne’s in-house knowledge of UK water regulations allows for us to make each project as smooth as possible. Our vast experience with local water company and inspector liaison makes sure that your project with us will fit neatly into the local system, as well.

Our engineers will work closely with site foremen, supervisors, quantity surveyors, and estimators to get the best possible results out of your project brief.


Sherborne Utilities are experienced commercial pipe installers used to working on factory and industrial sites. We can work with most sizes and types of pipeline, as well as conducting responsive repairs. Sherborne can perform any project-based activities up to the total value of £450,000 for you.

We can install or repair your incoming mains, ground services, water supply pipelines, process pipework, stainless steel or hygienic pipelines, and any liquid waste handling pipework that you need. Fluid flow and dynamic calculations can be made if you require them. We also produce a full set of method statements and risk assessments for all of our jobs.

Our engineers can also undertake minor civil engineering works. We can arrange the installation of drains, manholes, and inspection chambers. We are up to date on water regulations and current legislation. Any system that we install for you will be fully compliant with current UK water regulations. To reduce disruption, we will try to fit our work around your shut-down or maintenance schedules.

You don’t need to worry about our credentials. We currently hold £10,000,000 in Public Liability Insurance. We are also accredited via our compliance with the 9001 ISO Quality Management, 14001 ISO Environmental Management, and Constructionline. This qualifies us to undertake many Public Sector Framework contracts. Our services are also fully endorsed by Wessex Water. Our company can be added to your purchasing with ease.


As Sherborne Utilities are based on a working farm, we know our agriculture. Our dedicated farm engineers form the foundation of our business. They have experience in dealing with a wide range of countryside issues with water and sewage.

Our engineers will be happy to visit you on site. They’ll discuss your needs and provide solutions to fit around your busy working day.

Amongst other projects, Sherborne can help you with:

  • Irrigation pipes
  • Washdown pumps
  • Slurry movement apparatus
  • Livestock watering systems
  • House and farm water connections
  • Food production equipment
  • Boreho


Sherborne Utilities works as a trusted partner and adviser to private estates big and small.

We have helped estate management companies and estate management trusts, as well. Whether you have a rural, agricultural, or commercial portfolio, we’ll be able to help with any water and sewage system installation, treatment, and repairs needed. We can also work with any clients on the land you may have.

If you need maintenance, our responsive repair teams are skilled at tracing leaks in large water distribution systems. Every team carries the advanced equipment needed to pinpoint leakage quickly. Our mobile vans also store a wide range of fittings, materials, and pipes of different diameters to allow for prompt repairs. These are provided from a comprehensive stock held at our main yard.

We also trace and map our maintenance and inspection tasks to produce condition reports. These allow us to advise you as to whether servicing is needed and to plan for any future improvements needed for your system(s).

Our company is recognised locally as an experienced leading provider for private land. Our team have worked on farms, sites of special scientific interest (SSSI), and sensitive archaeological sites. We’ve completed difficult projects successfully in areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks, and national monuments.

You can be confident that our staff will treat your properties and land with respect. We understand that each site presents unique challenges and special requirements, so we tailor our services.


Sherborne Utilities are the preferred water contractor for a lot of large private estates in the South West. As well as this type of flagship project, we provide day-to-day services. These ensure the smooth operation of housing estates to leisure centres. From public buildings to parks and gardens, Sherborne excel at water and sewage asset monitoring, management, and maintenance.

We are proud of our achievements and standards of accreditation. Our deep insurance also gives each our clients their peace of mind. Our health and safety track record is also impeccable. All of this allows us to undertake any public sector project involving water or sewage needed in Devon, Dorset, Somerset, or Wiltshire.


At Sherborne Utilities, we support private and public sector framework contractors. We can easily provide specialist water and sewage services to complement those of your own specialist or direct-labour sub-contractors.

Sherborne is ensured for public liability to the sum of £10,000. We are also accredited by several international standardisation programs. We recognise the criteria of 9001 ISO Quality Management and 14001 ISO Environmental Management. Additionally, we are fully certified through Constructionline. This fully qualifies us to work on many public sector water and sewage engineering projects.


Sherborne Utilities have a strong background when it comes to delivering public sector projects. We have helped trusts, foundation trusts, hospitals, and smaller health centres. As well as installation, we have conducted routine maintenance, repairs, and major capital projects for clients.

Sherborne has handled a range of assets, in domestic, office, and large scale public amenity settings. As with our educational water and sewage projects, we’ll install easy to repair, maintain, and refurbish systems that will keep running all year round if need be. All of our systems can isolate faulty sections, keeping mission critical infrastructure running during peak periods. We can regularly monitor and service your system assets, reducing the risk of failure at a critical point.

If you administer a public building our Energy Managers can also help you with resource management. They’ll tell you the best ways to reduce your water consumption and save money on your water bills. We can identify the most cost-effective changes to your distribution system. Return on investment may mean that these changes pay for themselves.

Sherborne Utilities could also reduce your costs by using our equipment to quickly locate and repair expensive hidden leaks. Replacing faulty stop valves and sections of underground piping to save money are also two of our specialities.

Our engineers deal with large bore pipework and underground fittings daily. If you can’t have maintenance and repair tasks performed by your in-house staff, Sherborne will be more than happy to help.


Sherborne Utilities are trusted to fulfil water contracts for various West Country councils and public sector clients. These include Sovereign Housing and Spectrum Property Care. If you’re part of a similar organisation, contact us to see what we could do for you. We can handle both repairs and system surveillance for you. We’ll talk with your customers directly to keep them informed and up-to-date with progress on all the jobs that you have entrusted to us. As the work progresses, we’ll make sure that they stay in the loop.

We will schedule any works needed on an agreed time and date that works for you. Sherborne will make sure that you know what is going to happen well in advance. We will strive to keep noise, mess, and disruption to a minimum and the project running smoothly.

Our job management system and accounts are fully integrated. From the first call to the final invoice, we’ve got it covered.

When you call our office you will be connected straight away to one of our team. They’ll be able to tell you about what you need and how we’re progressing, regardless of what stage your job is at. At Sherborne Utilities, there are no menus, no queues, no waiting. There’s just expert advice, when you need it.

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