Water Utility & Drainage Installation

Water Utility & Drainage Installation

Water Utility & Drainage Installation

Sherborne Utilities specialise in all aspects of Water Utility and Drainage installations. Our trained engineers can easily install new water connections to any build, as well a wide range of surface water drainage and sewage drainage system installations. If a repair is all that is required, they can conduct spot repairs, add extra components or complete sections to your system as required. Domestic, commercial, or industrial, we’ll handle it.

Are you aware that if you currently have a septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water source, you will need to replace or upgrade your system by the 1st January 2020. The new regulations mean all systems must now use either a purpose built drainage field (soakaway) or sewage treatment plant to treat the raw sewage on site (also known as a package treatment plant). this system uses mechanical parts to treat the liquid so it’s clean enough to go into a river or stream.

If you have an existing septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water source, you will need to upgrade your system to meet the new regulations, or install a new treatment system by the 1st January 2020. Where properties with septic tanks that discharge directly to surface water source are sold before 1 January 2020, the responsibility for the replacement or upgrade of the existing system should be addressed between the buyer and seller as a condition of sale. If you are in any doubt we can conduct a Pre-acquisition survey and advise you accordingly. For more information on this service visit https://www.sherbornedrainage.co.uk/

If the Environment Agency finds evidence that your septic tank is discharging to a surface water source and causing pollution, you will need to replace or upgrade your system earlier than the 1st January 2020. You will usually have to do this within 1 year, although this will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Alternatively, to the above you may be able to:

·       Connect to mains sewer – where available.

We are here to help advise you through this process and meet compliance in time.

Other Services:

  • Pipe fitting, testing, and commissioning
  • Electro Fusion, Butt Fusion, or Bolted Flange Jointing
  • Valve, Meter, and Hydrant fitting and testing
  • Water flow and pressure measurements
  • Pre-insulated Pipework and Jointing
  • Initial water supply connection
  • Trenchless installation
  • Minor civil works and engineering
  • Groundwork
  • Replacement of dug-up concrete, tarmac, and unmade ground
  • Water regulation compliance (legal and physical)

Why choose us for water utility installations ?

  • Fast call-outs and we quote the same day.
  • We use the latest technology in the field such as cctv drain cameras, trenchless digging technology and ground penetrating radars.
  • We will work without causing disruption to your property and also fix anything if need be.
  • Sherborne Utilities have all the accreditations and all our staff is qualified and work at the highest standards.
  • We serve all of Dorset, Somerset, Devon & Wiltshire.
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