Water Leak Repairs & Leak Detection

Water Leak Repairs & Leak Detection

Water Leak Repairs

We can provide qualified engineers to locate and expose leaks and carry out water leak repairs. Once the leak has been found, we can dig it up and get it fixed on the same day – minimising the stress for you. Our aim is to leave you safe in the knowledge that the leak is fixed, with the smallest disruption caused (our engineers also carry moling equipment so we can replace pipe without having to open trench through finished landscapes.).

If you suspect a water leak or any other problem with your water supply, whether it be a leaking pipe, a burst pipe or a lead water pipe that needs replacing, you can be assured we are one of the leading companies in the south west specialising in water repairs & leak detection.

Leak Detection

If you suspect there is a water leak on your property internal or external, our water engineers will use the latest techniques to find the cause. Once found they will isolate it and advise you on the best course of action.
Our technician will bring with him his vast experience and knowledge of finding and fixing leaks – he’ll arrive at your home fully equipped to find your leak precisely and accurately.
Leaks can be found utilising specialist methods, such as:

  • Infrared heat technology
  • Tracer gas to detect escaping emissions
  • Acoustic sound testing
  • CCTV Drain Cameras
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Technology

Utilising the latest specialist equipment and our technical expertise, we can rapidly and accurately detect and repair hidden leaks to save time, disruption and negate the risk of wasteful expenditure, whilst minimising ongoing damage from the water itself.

Water Mains Connections

If you require a new connection to the main water supply, our water engineers will install all the pipework and fittings on your property required in preparation for mains connection. Once your local authority has completed their work, our water engineers will then complete the connection, reinstating your fresh water supply.


  • Fast call-outs and we quote the same day.
  • We use the latest technology in the field such as cctv drain cameras, trenchless digging technology and ground penetrating radars.
  • We will work without causing disruption to your property and also fix anything if need be.
  • Sherborne Utilities have all the accreditations and all our staff is qualified and work at the highest standards.
  • We serve all of Dorset, Somerset, Devon & Wiltshire.
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